Wellness Therapies

Fall in love with taking care of yourself.


massage relaxant



Head massage

– 1hour for 48€

One of the most powerful wellness techniques. A head massage is the best for pleasant relaxation and should really be part of your health routine. The small muscles around the head respond very well to touch. The scalp, being at the top of the head, sometimes needs a little boost for blood circulation. Includes a neck and shoulder massage.


Acupressure massage

– 1hour for 48€

This technique consists of pressure points applied to specific areas called meridians. Deeply calms the body and mind, erases muscle tension. Increases blood circulation and promotes a state of deep relaxation.


Massage Lomi Lomi

– 1hour for 48€

The word “lomi” means to knead or rub gently. Lomi Lomi uses a combination of massage techniques, and sometimes elements of prayer and breathing to restore energy and soothe the body. It is also known as “loving hands” massage.



Bamboo massage

– 1hour for 48€

Bamboo cane is able to give a deeper and firmer massage. Bamboo has a unique energy of its own and has a special magnetism. Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants on our planet, symbolizing strength, fertility, youth, prosperity and peace.


Aromatherapy massage

– 1hour for 48€

Essential oils are extracts of plants and flowers, not only for an amazing aroma, but for their important properties for health. During your massage, you inhale molecules of essential oils and absorb through your skin. Gentle massage movements are used for a deeply relaxing massage.



Foot and hand reflexology

– 1hour for 48€

A natural healing art that consists of pressing the reflex points of the feet stimulating the organs of the body. Reflexology can be used to help sleep disorders such as insomnia and return to one’s normal sleep rhythm. Includes refreshing cleaning, warm foot wrap and gentle scrub. 



Foot and leg massage 

– 1hour for 48€

Is an incomparable pleasure. Relieves fatigue and is an instant relaxant. It stimulates the muscles and gives a positive effect on the whole body. Includes a cold or hot stone massage, a gentle foot scrub and a refreshing peppermint spray.


side view of calm young woman receiving reiki healing therapy on head and chest

Energy Intutive Care (50€)


This complete treatment invites to physical and psychic relaxation. It allows to reconnect the body and the mind to find the Unity. It is a tailor-made treatment, totally adapted to your needs of the present moment. It contains touch phases (massage) and energetic phases. It is a unique treatment combining deep relaxation and letting go on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 


LaHoChi Therapy 




Session of laying on of hands, allowing to structure and balance the subtle bodies of the being, especially on the emotional level. It is a powerful therapeutic accompaniment using the energy of life, which combines Love and Wisdom.


Energy rejuvenation 




A totally natural approach. Coming from various energy techniques, it will suit you perfectly. It is a way to reverse the aging process, both at the level of the face and at the level of the body as a whole. The number of sessions will be defined according to your need.



wellness services in tavira 6

First consultation

– 40€ first consultation

– 35€ follow up

– 125€ for 4 session package


This is the complete Chinese Medicine consultation and individualised acupuncture treatment to correct certain dysfunctions and imbalances in the body. It aims to strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, promote mental health, pain alleviation and physical relaxation.

Treatment includes :
– A full Chinese medical diagnosis with personalised lifestyle advice
– A session of authentic syndrome acupuncture tailored to your needs
– An individualised herbal prescription from our doctors


TuiNa massage and cupping therapy

– 60min for 40€


Therapeutic massage that aims to restore the balance of the body, activate blood and lymphatic circulation. Promotes muscle nutrition and the release of physical and emotional tensions. It includes various manipulations and, as an aid, the use of suction cups.


wellness services in tavira 2

First consultation

– 55€ for 2h 


Follow up consultation

– 45€ for 45min-1h

– 50€ for 90min ´

Deep Tissue Massage

– 75€ for 2h


The goal of osteopaths is to help restore balance by engaging your body’s self-healing mechanism. Use of a range of techniques to improve neuronal, vascular and lymphatic input to and from tissues. In addition, work with joint movements and ligament and muscle tension to help restore musculoskeletal balance

therapy & coach

wellness services in tavira 1

(individual sessions)


– Detachment of Traumas® 140€ for 3h session


– ENNEAGRAM 162€ for 2 sessions (the first one 1h15 and the second one is 1h) package


– Ikigai 254€ for 4 session package


– Individual Guidance 70€ for 1h session and 259€ for a package of 4 sessions.


pexels-arina-krasnikova-6914832 (1)

 – Sound Treatment 

58€ for 1h

In a sound treatment, the singing bowls are placed on the body or into the health aura of a person. Through the gentle tapping of the bowls the vibration travels through the whole body and gently massages and harmonises each cell of the body. The soothing sound allows the mind to tap into a state of deep relaxation. The sound massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety as well as to improve the overall well-being of a person.


 – Gong bath

58€ for 1h

During a gong bath the client is laying down very comfortably on a mat, wrapped in a blanket and bathing in the harmonising frequencies of the gong. The powerful vibration of the gong helps people to experience effortless deep relaxation and feel more connected with themselves. This is the realm where the body can rejuvenate and heal.

ayurveda massages & nutrition



First session – 50€ (1,h)

Follow up session – 40 (1h)

5 sessions programs for Detox, Gut Health, Weight Loss, More Energy, Rejuvenation with Diagnostik, Nutrition, Individual Yoga, Daily Routine, 1h Massage or two 30 minute massage – 180€





[relaxation] Face & Head Massage *** Mukha & Shiro Abhyanga. 

25€ for 30 minutes

40€ for 60 minutes 

indian warm oil massage. relaxing & stimulating for body & mind.
helps reduce wrinkles and dry skin, headaches/migranes, anxiety, concentration problems &
insomnia. good for a radiant complexion, hair growth & healthy hair & skin


[lymphatic drenaige]
Whole body, face & head warm oil massage *** abhyanga

35€ for 40 minutes 

40€ for 60 minutes


warm oil massage from the toe to the head. the oil is adjusted to your type, eventually infused.
relaxes & rejuvenates. Fights stress & strenghtens the nervous system. a lymphatic drainage for the
whole body, tonifies the muscles & lubricates the joints, stimulating & cleansing. for a radiant
complexion. best results if repeated over 3, 5 or even 7 days.

[weight reduction]
Whole body, herbs & spices massage *** urdvartana

35€ for 40 minutes

40€ for 60 minutes

whole body dry scrub, specific for weight reduction & oily skin, fights cellulite, excess tissue fat &
strong sweat, eliminates toxins & deep cleans skin, skin softening. best results if repeated over 3, 5
or even 7 days, together with an ayurvedic, delicious, detox two meals diet. 

[muscular tension release]
Whole body, face & head, warm oil massage *** AyurYoga

40€ for 60 minutes

50€ for 90 minutes


deep tissue oil massage & passive yoga streches
deeply relaxing, stimulating of the lymphatic, synovial fluids, blood flow & muscular & fascia
tissues. anti-inflammatory & muscular tonifying effect, releases emotional & physical blockades,
fights celulite & skin aging, nurrishes & cleans the skin, stimulates the digestive and immune
system. the therapist helps you into passive, compensating streches similar to yoga poses,
softening the ligaments & nerves. best results if repeated over 3, 5 or even 7 days


Hot medicinal bundle massage ***Pinda Swedana

50€ for 60 minutes 

75€ for 90 minutes

Sudation therapeutical massage, with herbs, spices, indian milk rice or leaves and warm oils.
Recommended for various conditions according to your doshic imbalance, such as rheumatoid
arthritis, general muscular pain, insomnia. Improves immune system, blood circulation, skin
rejuvenation. Preceded by around 20 minutes of abhyanga.


[energy flow]

Whole body, face & head, warm oil massage ***marma points massage

40€ for 60 minutes 

50€ for 90 minutes


opens energetic centers, restauring the energy flow. through gentle accupressure and massage of specific points in the body, ones biochemistry can be improved. loosening the muscles and tissues, it has a positive impact on the health of the organs and hormonal system. fights fatigue and muscular pain, stimulates bood and lymphatic flow. cleanses and rejuvenates. best results if repeated over 3, 5 or even 7 days


10% off from 2nd session on 

Individual Yoga and/or Meditation
25€ for 30 minutes 

40€ for 60 minutes

Set your goal and get your personalized flows, breathing techniques and postures.

Coaching with Daily Routine * Dinacharya
25€ for 30 minutes 

40€ for 60 minutes

Recommended daily morning routine, aswell as for the evening, with individually adjusted natural cosmetic, personal hygiene and nutrition advice.

Karna Purana

25€ for 30 minutes 

Extremelly relaxing, warm oil ear treatment against migrane, tinnitus, muscular tension, stress, anxiety, pai after dentist treatment. 


25€ for 30 minutes 

Local external treatment, consisting in the application of a paste on a certain part of the body, made from medicinal herbs and spices. Recommended to relieve gas and bloating, abdominal pain due to digestive problems, eczema, joint pain.


25€ for 30 minutes 

Local external treatment, consisting in the application of a dough and a warm oil, eventually with a herbal or spice misture, to relieve back pain and tension, physical or emotional.

Enjoy the wholesome benefits of the ancient ayurvedic massages, cleansing, lymph draining &
deep nurrishing, with warm oils, spices and even rice/ cabbage bundles.
Or go for the full therapeutical treatment. In the ayurvedic consulting sessions, we find out your
bioenergetic contituition (your dosha vata, pitta, kapha), following the ayurvedic method, creating
a suitable therapeutical program. That includes adjusting your nutrition & life style. Therapeutical
yoga, meditation and breathing exercices suitable for your doshic type and actual situation
complement the treatment, aswell as massages & special detox programs