Practices to create holistic health:

Treating the body, mind and spirit.


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Relaxing Massage

A moment of intense well-being to relieve stress and fatigue and reconnect with serenity. Massage with oil and essential oils, where softness and intensity combine to bring you to deep relaxation and unprecedented bodily regeneration


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Intuitive Energetic treatment
This complete treatment invites physical and psychic relaxation. From the massage, it allows to reconnect the body and the spirit to find Unity. It comes from the heart. It is a tailor-made treatment, totally adapted to your needs in the present moment. It’s an unique treatment combining deep relaxation and letting go of the plans physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

LaHoChi therapy
A session of laying on of hands, allowing to structure and balance the subtle bodies of being, especially on an emotional level. It is a powerful therapeutic accompaniment using the energy of life, combining Love and Wisdom.

Energetic Rejuvenation
A totally natural approach. Coming from various energy techniques, it will be entirely appropriate for you. It is a way to reverse the aging process, both on the face and at the level of the body as a whole. The number of sessions will be defined according to your need.

Remote Energy Treatment
The three aforementioned treatments are carried out also from afar. There is no energy distance, neither place, nor time. The care performed will be as powerful as face-to-face. Its effects are magical.


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Method of diagnosis and treatment that allows to correct certain dysfunctions and imbalances of the organism. It aims to strengthen the immune system, improving blood circulation.



Therapeutic branch based on the medicinal virtues of plants. It consists in the administration of natural medicines in order to achieve a specific therapeutic effect for each person.


TuiNa Massage & Cuping Therapy

Therapeutic massage that aims to restore the balance of the body, activate the blood and lymphatic circulation. Promotes muscle nutrition and the release of physical and emotional tensions. It includes various manipulations and, as an aid, the use of suction cups.


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The goal for osteopaths is to help restore balance by engaging your body’s own self healing mechanism. Using a range of techniques to enhance neural, vascular and lymphatic supply to and from the tissues. As well as working with joint movement and ligament and muscular tension to help restore musculoskeletal balance. 


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(individual sessions or group sessions)

Sophrology’s mission is to develop everyone’s consciousness to achieve a state of relaxation. Based on breathing, this natural method helps to find harmony between the physical and the mental.

SHIATSU & MBU Flower Remedies Therapy

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Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese Bodywork therapy.

Through gentle touch all along the body on the meridians (known from TCM/Acupuncture), Shiatsu harmonizes the flow of ki /chi (vital energy), relaxes and calms the nervous system. Internal self healing resources can function effectively to restore body & mind.


MBU Flower Remedies Therapy

MBU stands for ‚Medicina Bioenergetica de Uruguay‘. It is a powerful system of natural Flower Essences from South America that help to develop consciousness and wellbeing through archetypal work. The flower formula is created individually during the session to help to promote the emotional balance of the consultant person.