Physical Fitness

Move Well. Feel Better.

Move your body to the best of its ability to get the most out of life.


Physical Fitness Practices

A practice that allows you to reconnect with your body and your breathing. You will find on our schedule several types of yoga from a rather dynamic and sporty practice to others rather ideal for relaxation and inner peace.



Physical Fitness Activity

Exercises focus on working on balance, maintaining the spine and the main muscles. These physical practices were developed by Joseph Pilates in the twentieth century. 

 Pregnant women, Moms and Babies

Physical Fitness Activity

During the week there will be moments dedicated to future moms, moms and their babies where you will be able to exchange, share, relax, have fun, learn and much more.


Physical Fitness Activity

Using weight, bands and other simple devices to become stronger, reduce potential injuries.





Physical Fitness Activity

Walking is a rejuvenating and de-stressing practice. The contact with nature is a way of reconnecting with the environment and listening more to your senses.