Being Happy

Happiness is not just a question of circumstances, there are behaviours to practice to increase your happiness.

Practicing Happiness

Being happy activities

Our introductory course, Happiness is the Way, will explore the many actions and behaviours the research shows leads to sustained happiness and well/being. The weekly practice sessions will allow you to share with a partner for appreciation and accountability.


Being happy activities

On a regular basis, we will sponsor social event and activities for both our regular clients as well as invited guests to build friendships and expand our community. 



co working space tavira

A few times a week, we will provide a space for members to work and to collaborate with each other on projects. Day pass guests can also enjoy the space. Wi-fi provided.


activités heureuses

A committee of members will decide each year on a way for the House of Happiness to improve community activities within the Eastern Algarve community.