About House of Happiness' Iléa
CO-Founder / General manager

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For the last two years Iléa built Y.A.M. Shala, the lovely yoga and wellness center in Tavira. A place where she shares her passion for health, movement and life.

She traveled and taught yoga throughout the world before settling in this charming town.

These travels allowed her to become trilingual in French, Portuguese, and English and to obtain several certifications in the field of well-being.

About About House of Happiness' Erik
CO-Founder / CREator

Erik Sprotte

Erik moved to Portugal a few years ago to find a business partner and create a new concept dedicated to personal wellbeing. This is House of Happiness. 


Previously, Erik owned a human resources consulting firm in the US, and has donated his time to coaching startups in several countries. 

In his spare time, Erik is happily studying Portugues, drinking new wines, learning to meditate and practicing yoga.

Happy Team

Our House is open to everyone transforming to a happier self.

Working together for a meaningful purpose is what makes us happy. 

We will support you with gratitude and kindness. 

It’s time to let the sunshine in !