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About House of Happiness' Iléa
CO-Founder / General manager

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For the last two years Iléa built Y.A.M. Shala, the lovely yoga and wellness center in Tavira. A place where she shares her passion for health, movement and life.

She traveled and taught yoga throughout the world before settling in this charming town.

These travels allowed her to become trilingual in French, Portuguese, and English and to obtain several certifications in the field of well-being.

About About House of Happiness' Erik
CO-Founder / CREator

Erik Sprotte

Erik moved to Portugal a few years ago to find a business partner and create a new concept dedicated to personal wellbeing. This is House of Happiness. 


Previously, Erik owned a human resources consulting firm in the US, and has donated his time to coaching startups in several countries. 

In his spare time, Erik is happily studying Portugues, drinking new wines, learning to meditate and practicing yoga.

Happy Team

Our House is open to everyone transforming to a happier self.

Working together for a meaningful purpose is what makes us happy. 

We will support you with gratitude and kindness. 

It’s time to let the sunshine in!


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I’m here to make sure that your experience is HOH is as happy as we want to. Beside that, i’m here to help you out with everything you might need during this amazing process! 


2. What do you love about it?

The sense of community and the possibility to really make a difference on everyone’s lifes.


3. What makes you happy in life?

The little things. My family, my dogs, the sun, the ocean and the possibility to make my path everyday with the ones I love.

Yoga Instructor & Mindful Well-being Coach


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I am a Yoga for All Teacher, and a Mindfulness and Well-being Coach and will be offering yoga classes, meditation and coaching.



2. What do you love about it?

Yoga has helped me to fully inhabit my body, to connect and befriend my body as an ally, rather than an enemy. I believe that yoga is for everybody, and I am committed to sharing yoga and mindfulness-based tools for positive body image and healthy living with others.

Yoga and mindfulness have been an integral part of my own well-being journey. When we practice yoga and meditation, we learn to create space for our breath, for listening to our bodies, and for slowing our thoughts.

Wellbeing and Mindfulness coaching allows me to bring this all together. My signature programme centres around mindful living and introducing healthy habits to support your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Together we will create your personalised well-being toolbox and I will support you every step of your well-being journey.


3. What makes you happy in life?

Being out in nature, especially soaking in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean! And eating figs. I guess that’s why I moved back to the Algarve!

Ecstatic dance facilitator


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I offer Ecstatic dance sessions. Ecstatic Dance is a meditative journey of sound and movement.

Celebration, healing, and connection are the key words.

The effects of Ecstatic dance are proven! This dance is a form of active meditation that helps people deal with stress and achieve serenity. 


2. What do you love about it?


I love many things about Ecstatic Dance. One of them is that is beneficial to physical health, as one moves the whole body in a completely free way thereby reducing stress on a physiological and mental level.
Also, it is a space where participants can have an incredible experience of connecting with themselves and others. The feeling of connection and belonging are extremely important for human beings, and experiencing them can lead to a realization that life has greater meaning. Many participants have profound experiences of togetherness, support, unconditional love and also answers to some aspect of their life that was stacked, for example.
The spirit of community, tribe, family is incredible.

3. What makes you happy in life?

I feel happy with simple things such as: dancing, singing, playing, when I’m with my daughter, the connection with nature, sunrise and sunset, sharing moments with friends, meditating… there’s so many simple things to be happy about in life, I just need to pay attention and happiness and joy emerges in my body.


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?


Yoga classes & Ayurvedic Therapies: Dynamic & Hatha Yin Yoga classes, aswell as Ayurvedic Health & Life Coaching.
Through yoga & ayurvedic life style, nutrition recommendations & massages you can heal yourself and live happier. I offer people the knowledge, means & techniques to achieve self cure and a painless, higher quality of life.


2. What do you love about it?


That it actually works, really changing peoples’ lives to the better.


3. What makes you happy in life?

To believe it is possible to make this place a better place… and long summer nights with lovely people at the sea or in nature, with music, dance and good clean food.

co-founder & yoga instructor

1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

In addition to co-creating this happy place,  I teach yoga.

2. What do you love about it?

I like the fact that everything that we can learn on the mat can be useful to us in our daily life.
Hoping that this place teaches us as much as on the mat.


3. What makes you happy in life?
Happy people around me and being able to get up everyday to do something that I love.

energetic therapist

1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I offer energetic therapeutic treatments, Access Bars or Accesslift sessions, LaHoChi training (care technique transmitted by the laying on of hands), coaching workshops, Women’s Circles.


2. What do you love about it?


I particularly like everything related to the human and my activity allows me to bring well-being, inner appeasement, a deep balance, a real harmonization of the Being. It is a great source of Love for me.



3. What makes you happy in life?

The love that I receive in all its forms, the love that I give myself and that I can thus transmit to infinity, make me really happy.

Juice Man


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?


I would like to offer my healthy view of food. I have seen amazing things happen when people change the way they think of the food they consume. Even small changes make a big difference.
For over 12 years I have been coaching clients on a one to one basis. Approaching food with an alternative more healthy view. 
My passion has taken me to many places in the world where I have learned and been inspired by studying with others about a different look at food, notably how we use food to fuel our bodies in our day to day lives.
We can all learn from each other and there are many ways to live a truly healthy life.
And with true health comes wellness and happiness.


2. What do you love about it?

I love the sence of  calm and peaceful vibration that house of happiness has. The fantastic views of nature at it’s best and the sound of the natural musicians (the birds) that perform everyday. Meeting new people and learning from one another.
Love the life you live, live the life you love, Bob Marley.


3. What makes you happy in life?

What makes me happy is to be able to live a fulfilled life, being healthy, mentally & physically. Being able to help people any way I can.
These elements to me are the most important for a happy life. 
Sound Therapist


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?


I offer different ways of relaxation with therapeutic singing bowls and the gong.

  • Sound Treatment
  • Gong Bath
  • Sound Journey


2. What do you love about it?


I love how the vibration of the singing bowls and the gong gently take my clients into a deep state of relaxation. To me, it is the best “work” if I can help others to experience the state of being rather than doing and thus improve their well-being.


3. What makes you happy in life?

It makes me very happy to play the singing bowls and gong and study the science behind it. Beside that I love to create mindfulness artwork, spend time outside in nature with my husband and dog Baloo and connect to liked-mind people. 


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I offer osteopathic sessions at HOH, this always includes a detailed case history, osteopathic physical assessment and treatment. Treatment aims to restore equilibrium and engage the body’s own self-healing mechanism.  

Osteopathic treatment encompasses a large range of techniques from very gentle cranial, biodynamic, muscle energy, balancing ligamentous, lymphatic, and fascial to more vigorous, soft tissue, deep tissue, trigger pointing, joint articulation and manipulation techniques.  

I have a background in massage so can also offer holistic and deep tissue massage.  


2. What do you love about it?

I love working alongside a passionate team and community to create personalised treatment that helps individuals to find their way back to balance, health and doing the things they love. It is a great privilege to share in this part of people’s journey and a joy to be able to listen and support the body and mind from moment to moment. 



3. What makes you happy in life?

When I’m not geeking out about the body, meditation is an important part of creating my own balance. I enjoy exploring new places and moments with my dog and partner, on foot and in our campervan. I find joy in nature and find hope in the study of permaculture. I love playing with clay and creating wobbly pots with friends! I am grateful for every authentic connection offered to me along the way.  

1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I offer a variety of treatments including:


Aromatherapy Massage

Bamboo Massage

Facial Spa

Feet & Hands Reflexology

Foot Spa

Gua Sha Facial Treatment

Head Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage


2. What do you love about it?

When my clients feel fabulous after their treatment. That is what I love the most about my craft. Making people feel good. That’s simply amazing.


3. What makes you happy in life?

A good base for happiness is an equal balance of work and play. My favourite feeling is the wind

Yoga instructor (dynamic, yin & nidra)


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I offer a dynamic flow yoga with clear intentions and music.  You are welcome as you are and you get to practice being you.

 I see you as a unique individual and make the classes accessible for everyone.  It should be playful and unpretentious.

 It can be emotional, spiritual and mental


* Suitable for everyone, regardless of level

 * Strengthens the body

 * Increases flexibility

 * Relaxation and balance


I also offer Yinyoga with passive positions with a light, soft stretch, performed in silence and conscious presence.  Each position is held for at least 3-5 minutes, which gives us time to calm the mind as well.  In yin yoga we want to access the body’s fascia and tissue, instead of the muscles.


Easy to do, fits everyone

Its relaxing and reduces stress and anxiety

Contributes to a greater conscious presence

Increases mobility in joints

Creates an inner peace

Increases flow of energy and vitality, prana. 

I also offer Yoga Nidra.


2. What do you love about it?

I love the variation with yoga. From the calming passive position to the moving meditation. It is wonderful to feel the circulation, the breathing and to be present, here and now. For me, yoga is a lifestyle and much more than asanas. 


3. What makes you happy in life?

My way of life and that I prioritize my desires makes me happy as well as my mission to help others become their own mental coaches.  I strive to help each individual strengthen themselves mentally and physically for increased overall health.

circuit training instructor


1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I am a Personal Trainer and at House of Happiness I provide circuit training group classes – a very dynamic class style for those looking for a greater physical requirement. It combines the strengthening of our body with well-being.

2. What do you love about it?

I love what I do because I know I provide something that can increase people’s well-being and health. And, in addition to that, the possibility of helping people who are vastly different and with diverse needs is what makes everything more interesting and exciting.


3. What makes you happy in life?

It makes me happy to see the progress and happiness of each of the people I work with. It makes me happy the feeling of mission accomplished.



1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

I offer traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

The treatments are composed of a differential diagnosis made in the light of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Massage TuiNa, if necessary suction therapy, prescription of phytotherapy and food counseling. 

A practice that calls for awareness for a sense of constant healing and not just at the moment of illness.

Through these tools I have the possibility to improve the quality of life to those who seek me.


2. What do you love about it?

Without a doubt it is a medicine that arouses me great passion and curiosity and that has become a way of being and being. I love that you see the human being as a whole system taking into account its surroundings and the importance of connecting with nature.


3. What makes you happy in life?

The waves.

The rocks.

The sun snaps into the skin.

The sweat that dwells down your face with your heart beating fast.

The music, the bare feet.

The books.

The plants.

1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

At HOH I’m your Pilates and Personal Trainer teacher.

Pilates is a practice that offers several benefits for the practitioner. It promotes greater body awareness, strengthens all muscles in the body, which guarantees postural improvements, more strength, more flexibility and improvements in your daily activities.

Personalized training is a more individualized training that meets the needs of each client.


2. What do you love about it?

Being able to help people feel better and have a healthier lifestyle.

Each person is a person and I like to meet them and meet their needs so that they feel good during classes /training and especially in their day-to-day.


3. What makes you happy in life?

Be with my family and friends, exercise, walk around and enjoy everything around me.

At a professional level be lucky enough to do what I like the most.

1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

My mission in HOH will be to guide people towards upcoming life’s changes to be seen as an adventure, as well as helping them to find their inner light. All of this in order to build the life they want. 

In order to do so, I would offer individual consultation during which I’ll use my skills (from coaching to NLP or sophrology). For any specific needs, we will go through therapy (Detachment of traumas ®).

I would also offer workshops, working on topics such as  finding your life purpose thanks to the ikigai tools ; working on your emotions ; strengthening your self-confidence and self-esteem and more to come! 

I work either in French, Portuguese or English.


2. What do you love about it?

I really believe we all have an internal light waiting to shine, such as a super powers.

The most vibrant part of my  job, to me, is when people are ready to step up , getting rid of what they don’t need anymore, in order to reveal themself while owning their life change.


3. What makes you happy in life?

As being a traveler and a curious person, discovering new things is a what makes me happy in life : seeing new places, hearing people’s stories that will help me open my mind further and will also inspire me, which is also what i hopefully do for others 😉

I’m fond of nature, joy and life!!!

Natureduca association

Inês & Cristina

1. What do you offer at the House of Happiness?

The Natureduca Association proposes regular sessions of pedagogical contact with nature inspired by Forest School and Waldorf pedagogy, for children between 4 and 12 years of age, to reconnect them to (their) nature, help them learn naturally, to find and develop their talents and abilities. Quality time in nature, focused on the human being as a whole and not only on his academic / cognitive skills, aims to make way for a school of the future, full of enthusiasm, curiosity and autonomy.


2. What do you love about it?

House of Happiness is an inspiring concept that finally solves this cultural gap in Portugal, actively promoting a healthy lifestyle and the real pursuit of happiness. We love the place, with a certain inexplicable magic, we love the facilities, the people and the lightness of the air that is breathed, peace, tranquility and… happiness at last! An amazing place to practice the art of being happy.


3. What makes you happy in life?

“I think just to hear the wind pass, it’s worth being born!” Alberto Caeiro is our literary master and inspiration for the search for happiness seen through the eyes of a child. Traveling and having new experiences, knowing new realities, smells, points of view and normalities so different from ours, is what we love the most. Learn and learn more, live nature and children… children are our purest and most crystalline passion and being their voice in this world in which only adults are heard, is a fundamental part of our realization, that enthusiastic butterfly that bubbles in the belly, the deepest physical sign that happiness knocked on the door.