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“Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions”

– Daïla Lama


"An absolutly stunning, peaceful location with breathtaking surroundings. This is such a lovely place to bring peace to your soul. Pilates with Monica is an absolute joy and I look forward to her classes. She tailors each of the excercises to match your ability and is always aware of how you're doing - pushing you a little bit further if she thinks you can but also suggesting an easier alternative if you're finding an excercise difficult. I can definately recommend House of Happiness and the talented, caring people who work there."
"Wow! What a stunning place! great workshops and yoga practices! The perfect place to be to focus more on your mind, body and soul, ultimately finding a stronger connection with yourself, others and the beautiful land around you."
"Paz, natureza e bem-estar. Obrigado pelo magnífico espaço e pelas pessoas da happy team!"